tiles that open to the horizon

Teresa Cortez’s linework is ostensibly a means of expression. It plays with chiaroscuro, the overlapping and juxtaposed layers that take form and rise, in each work, in their entirety, disclosing colour. Just like in the East, where the pictorial basis is nourished by the essence of matter, with the paint on paper, canvas or ceramic, flowing from its thought. With either thicker or more diluted paint, the author carries out the representation, outlining, dying the diversity of colour, tone, highlighting every nuance, every shade.


ceramics with history

The artist tells stories, narratives laid out by brushstrokes that unfold as if she were telling us, with each work, her story. In the earthly space between sky and earth, she defines nature, with real or imagined places, with people, animals, fairy tales, legends and many birds, cats, fish, butterflies and dragonflies emerging here and there.

Every little thing is cause for contentment. With rhythm, with movement, with the sketched sound, everything is a reason to signal the coming dawn, the blast of a horn ripping the starry sky. “The produced sounds” spell Love. Here, even a cat and a mouse are partners in friendship.


fernando pessoa

is one of the representations that persist in the work of this author. In sculptural ceramics, in relief or flat ceramics, in drawing, watercolor, collage everything is support for its characterization. Citizen person, ordinary person and, at the same time, the literary reference that awakens us to unrest. The person, Fernando Pessoa and his world, with books, his writings, with a hat and glasses, everything is a loving narrative with his Ofélia Queiroz, everything is poetry, everything is prose, the word expressed in an image is thus figured here.


in the water

In the water, naked bodies join the translucent aqueous body. Brushstrokes are juxtaposed: blue, greenish and white, placid or troubled water, floating bodies, peeking when they bathe in the current. In the ceramic, sailing ships can be spotted on the horizon. On the beach, lying naked bodies stand under the blazing sun: in the vastness of the water, the silhouette of a body, buttocks, breasts, feet, genitals, everything is body, everything is nature dipping in the ocean. A couple jumps on top of the sea waves, a little girl kicks to say afloat, in the water mirrors faces merge with schools of fish surrounded by the human body, the earthily body of the water and by the clearest air!



Animals… are frogs, beetles, cats, birds, dragonflies, animals in metamorphosis, everything is life, everything is dialogue, everything is fable, they are friends that accompany the artist’s memory. Memories that cling to her roots, her land, the countryside, a whole rural world that embraces her, that seduces and embraces her from an early age until today, in more mature time. With ceramic painting, sculpture, drawing and / or watercolor Tereza Cortez never gives up on introducing us to her animal friends. A smile, well-being with all and all people and with the gift of affection and charm for the animals.



Flowers, are petals, are colored leaves painted while running free of thought, which is hand, which is art, more real or abbreviated. A sparkling organic flowery world, which is form and color in raised or shallow ceramics, which is painting, drawing and a constant appearance, an adornment in the affirmation of an identity in the feminine, it is a flowery garden face, it is a dress, it is to declare equality, it is Woman, it is earthly and human Nature.

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